Lindsey Thornburg was born in Great Falls, Montana. The only child of two young parents, she spent her childhood between Seattle and Montana before moving to the Aspen area for middle school and high school. She spent most of her youth traveling between family members and different schools. Throughout this period, she learned about adaptation and identity through fashion.

Lindsey attended college in Santa Barbara and Design school in Los Angeles. She moved to NYC in 2003, with no interest in working for corporations, she set up shop and began selling her small dress collections on the streets of downtown. Growing up with western and Pacific Northwest roots, she was familiar with Pendleton from an early age.

She envisioned modernizing their fabrications and born was her collaboration with the esteemed brand. The idea was of creative necessity. She wasn't able to find or afford any suitable winter jackets, she began wearing the blankets outside. This led to the idea that a high quality garment could be constructed from the beautiful fabrics.

In 2011 Pendleton agreed to collaborate with Lindsey Thornburg. Given the legacy and the Native history Pendleton holds, Lindsey takes this collaboration very seriously and honors the privilege of working with America’s finest woolen mill company. Never viewing her creations as passing trends, she strives to make each garment an heirloom piece. The company has been self-funded and has grown its audience organically. All garments are considered, cut and constructed in NYC by Stacey Berry and Lindsey Thornburg.

A New Yorker by way of Aspen and Montana, designer Lindsey Thornburg is only too familiar with an unforgiving winter. A dedication to staying warm and being unique has led to the creation of her line of outerwear.

Lindsey has been collaborating with Pendleton for the past 10 years creating singular fashion from their blankets. Pendleton Woolen Mills has been weaving world-class woolens in their two Pacific Northwest mills for more than a century and is one of the oldest blanket manufacturers in the United States. They weave a wide range of textiles inspired by the landscapes of the west, including the renown jacquard blankets made in their Oregon mill since 1909.

Each Lindsey Thornburg cloak is crafted with care in her Chinatown atelier in Manhattan.


Lindsey Thornburg allocates a portion of our website profit to various Native American Organizations. Including, Chizh for Cheii, NDN Collective and Seeding Sovereignty.